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20 March 2013 | Posted by Jenni Mason
Image courtesy of Nicholas Hare Architects LLP
Beacon Planning has been appointed by the University of Cambridge's Estate Management to prepare a heritage statement in support of proposals for the refurbishment of the Arup Building.

With many of the Arup Building's occupiers re-locating to the University's West Cambridge site on Madingley Road, large parts of the building will become available to new occupiers with different requirements in the use of the available space.

While the Arup Building does not have any statutory listing, it is noted as a competent example of twentieth century design and sits within the Cambridge Historic Core Conservation Area and in proximity to a number of listed buildings which are of significance. Beacon Planning's remit is to consider the significance of the existing buildings, as well as the merits of the proposed refurbishment and modifications to the Arup Building in the context of its historic setting.