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15 September 2013 | Posted by Joanna Burton | Education
Beacon Planning has been successful on appeal in overturning the original decision of Three Rivers Local Authority not to permit a two storey extension plus basement addition to a Grade II listed, private residential property in the Hertfordshire Green Belt near Watford.

Working on behalf of the clients on the original planning application and on appeal, Beacon Planning had secured listed building consent on the project proposals but planning permission was refused.

The property had been designed in the Victorian Gothic style of the late 19th Century. One aspect of the proposed work involves an extension which seeks to reinstate the former service wing which had been demolished in the 1960s.

The Council's conservation officer considered the size and form of the additions to the property to be acceptable and welcomed the proposed reinstatement of the wing in the form of the extension and so listed building consent was granted.

The size of the addition and its appropriateness in the Green Belt were key considerations both in the original application and in the appeal. Calculations were provided to demonstrate that the proposed works would represent only an additional 6 per cent to the floor space of the building as it existed in 1948 but a 35 per cent increase on the building as it currently stands.

The Council's own supplementary guidance allows up to a 40 per cent increase within the Green Belt On appealing Three Rivers' original refusal of planning permission, the proposals were not held to be in conflict with any other development plan policies including those relating to the Green Belt. In finding that the proposals did not constitute inappropriate development in the Green Belt, the Inspector concluded that there was no breach of the development plan and, consequently, there was no need to consider if very special circumstances existed to justify the scheme. The appeal was therefore allowed.

Construction work is due to commence later this year, under two years from Beacon Planning's appointment by the client in February 2012.