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22 January 2014 | Posted by Andy Thompson
Image courtesy of ADP Architects
Beacon Planning has just submitted a planning application on behalf of Cambridge City Council for the new community centre in the Clay Farm development in Cambridge.

Clay Farm is a mixed use development of over 2,000 houses which is part of the southern fringe urban extension of the City.

The community centre will comprise medical practice, library, café, police and social services touchdown, multi-use hall and meeting rooms and youth facilities together with 20 affordable flats. This civic building will be at the heart of the growing Clay Farm community. It will be a hub for the primary community services, social and recreational facilities and will have a key role in supporting and bringing together the existing and new communities.

Beacon Planning co-ordinated pre-applications discussions and the submission of the application, prepared the Planning Statement as well as provided advice on planning policy and process and S106 issues.