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New student accommodation in Cambridge's historic core   
15 May 2014 | Posted by Jon Burgess
Image courtesy of Freeland Rees Roberts
Beacon has gained consent for two new student residential schemes for Churchill and Trinity Hall Colleges.
Beacon Planning had a successful day at Cambridge City Council’s Planning Committee on 30 April when its schemes for new student accommodation buildings for Trinity Hall and Churchill Colleges were both approved.

The Trinity Hall scheme, which is within the heart of the central conservation area, involves the demolition of a row of rather incongruous early C20 houses, converted to student flats in the 1960s and ‘70s and its replacement with a new four-storey building designed by Freeland Rees Roberts architects. The new building, which will be of buff brick and stone, is designed to reflect the form of the terraces which characterise the area but with a quirky corner feature, also a feature commonly found in the area.

The Churchill scheme, to be known as New Court, is designed by 6a Architects. Its dimensions closely follow those of the Grade II listed College courts built in the 1960s, but the materials and form will be a gentle but clear contrast. The building will be clad with weathered oak, a material which picks up on the board-marked concrete used on the 1960s courts. The facades will be slightly curved and the upper floors jetty out to reflect the strong horizontal storey levels which emphasise the successive floor levels.

The high quality of the designs of both buildings drew praise from several Councillors including the Chair of Planning Committee. Work is expected to begin shortly on both schemes.