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Gresham's School and Holt   
13 April 2015 | Posted by Edward James
Beacon Planning was involved in a successful bid to gain permission for three separate housing developments in the historic Georgian market town of Holt in North Norfolk.

The plans were developed at the behest of the Independent, and historic in its own right, Gresham's School, and are 8, 19 and 126 dwellings in size.

The town itself is of considerable heritage significance, and care needed to be taken to make sure that the new developments would not impinge on its historic character and took account of its existing street pattern and local topography.

Account also had to be taken of any effect on the setting and heritage significance of The Grove, a Grade II listed early C19 house to the east of the principal town centre and near to Gresham's School.

All three applications were successful.