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Consent for new homes in Bedfordshire   
15 April 2015 | Posted by Charlotte Burton

Beacon Planning has secured planning permission for new homes in Central Bedfordshire for North Hertfordshire Homes and its subsidiary Rowan Homes. The new homes are to be split across two sites in Langford, with one site providing 10 market homes to part-subsidise the construction of 22 new affordable homes.

The schemes were both approved at planning committee with officer support. This followed lengthy discussions with officers to resolve highways, noise, ventilation and design issues on a highly constrained site on the edge of the village, and advising on a s106 agreement to link the delivery of the two sites.

North Hertfordshire Homes is a highly regarded not-for-profit registered provider of affordable housing which has over 10,000 properties across Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. Securing consent for these two sites together enabled the delivery of a large number of affordable units in the village to contribute to meeting the local housing need.