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External alterations to barn conversion in Coton   
17 July 2015 | Posted by Charmain Hawkins
Beacon Planning Ltd helped secure permission for external and internal alterations to a curtilage listed property in Coton.

Beacon Planning Ltd helped secured permission for external and internal alterations to a curtilage listed property in Coton. This was a protracted process requiring the submission of three applications and an appeal due to the objections raised by the Conservation Officer. No objections had been raised to the internal changes the focus was on the changes to the southern elevation of this designated heritage asset which fronts the Conservation Area.

The building was formerly a barn and was curtilage listed to the former farmhouse. Conversion of the barn to dwelling units took place in the 1990's which significantly altered the exterior of the building and included the use of roof lights as part of the means of lighting the units.

The proposals sought to refurbish and enhance the building and included external alterations to an existing balcony area and provision of new roof lights. Whilst permission was approved for the glazing over the balcony it was refused for the two additional roof lights.

An appeal was lodged and the Inspector held that the converted building had a far more domestic appearance than the original agricultural aesthetic. He allowed the scheme finding that the provisional of additional roof lights would not cause 'an unduly adverse effect' or 'appear as visually intrusive or discordant features within the southern elevation'.

The works have now been fully implemented and the interior of the building transformed into light and airy spaces rather than a series of small rooms. The photo illustrated that alterations to the exterior sit comfortably with the other adjacent units and are not visually discordant with the appearance of the building.