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South Farm Shingay - Planning statement   
16 July 2015 | Posted by Charmain Hawkins
Rural workers accommodation approved to support unique horticulture/function venue business.

Beacon Planning Ltd have assisted in the securing of use of an existing agricultural building to provide workers accommodation units. The site operates as a unique combination of an organic farm with rare breed animals where over 200 different varieties of fruit and vegetables are grown. These are used by the highly successful on-site function venue within the historic barn complex. South Farm's kitchen produced nearly 50,000 meals in 2014 with every meal served using home grown produce.

The Planning Officers were willing to make an exception and grant permission for the accommodation as they accepted that there was a need for on-site staff accommodation to serve the horticulture side of the business. This consent enables this important rural business to continue to thrive and operate successfully.