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Nos. 1-4 St Paul's Square reaches completion   
31 July 2015 | Posted by Joanna Burton
Beacon Planning were delighted to be shown around Nos. 1-4 St Paul's Square in Bedford following the successful completion of an extensive refurbishment scheme which has brought these buildings back into use following 40 years of redundancy to provide 10 residential units.

The project, funded by Aldwyck Housing Group with grants from Bedford Borough Council, the Bedford High Street Townscape Heritage Initiative and Homes and Communities Agency, has rescued these important historic buildings in the heart of the conservation area and put them back into a viable new use which will secure their long term future.

Beacon Planning provided heritage consultancy services to the project and last visited in 2013 before any work had started. The transformation is impressive and the project is an excellent example of successful partnership working, and highlights the importance of grant funding in bringing challenging heritage assets back into new use.

Commenting on the site, Mayor Dave Hodgson, said: "These historic buildings stood derelict for nearly fifty years, looking tired and tatty in one of Bedford's most prominent locations. They are now looking suitably handsome in the heart of the town centre, thanks to this project to bring them into use and to restore and protect the site's medieval heritage. We are delighted to have been part of this project and to see these buildings back in use, as affordable homes."