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Beacon go rafting!   
12 October 2015 | Posted by Sophie Hetherington
Nine members of Beacon Planning enjoyed an exciting white water rafting experience!

On October 2nd, nine members of the Beacon Planning team put on their wetsuits and helmets for a white water rafting trip at the Lee Valley White Water Centre.

Guided by the centre's staff, the team steered their raft around the Olympic course, learning to lean and paddle at the right time to raft on top of the waves instead of being submerged by them.

The weather was pleasantly warm, so jumping (and occasionally falling!) into the water was refreshing rather than freezing. Nonetheless, we were pleased not to capsize at any point!

Once the session was complete, the team enjoyed relaxing at the centre's restaurant, watching the kayakers navigate the course from the terrace where a live band were playing. We were all glad to sit back with a hot meal after a fun but exhausting day!