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Consent for new eco classroom in the green belt   
27 January 2016 | Posted by Charlotte Burton
Eco classroom in the green belt approved by Cambridge City Council for the Stephen Perse Foundation

Beacon Planning has secured consent for a new eco classroom in the green belt for the Stephen Perse Foundation. Planning permission was granted by Cambridge City Council through delegated officer approval.

The purpose-built eco classroom will support the outdoor learning programme at the Stephen Perse Foundation's schools which are designated Forest Schools. Pupils will be able to spend time at the school's nature reserve alongside the River Cam, and learn through activities including nature trails, bird watching and pond dipping. The approval followed extensive pre-application discussions with officers to overcome green belt policy issues, with the Council concluding that the building would not be 'inappropriate development' according to the National Planning Policy Framework, and would not harm the openness or purposes of the green belt. Working with Blue Forest Architects, the proposal also had to be sensitive to the nature reserve and conservation area.