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Beacon secure consent for additional car parking for St Ives company   
18 June 2016 | Posted by Ella Murfet
Full planning permission and discharge of conditions for additional car parking at LDH (La Doria) Ltd.'s headquarters at LDH House, St Ives Business Park is approved under delegated powers.

Beacon Planning secured approval for LDH (La Doria) Ltd for an additional 18 car parking spaces at their premises LDH House, St Ives Business Park.

During pre-application discussions Huntingdonshire District Council advised that the need for the car parking on site would have to be demonstrated sufficiently as it was contrary to policy. As part of the application, justification was provided by Beacon Planning to demonstrate that other means of travel to and from the site were not appropriate, and that subsequently there was a need for on-site car parking to support the continued growth of the business. This was evidenced by a Travel to Work Survey of the employees, undertaken by Beacon Planning.

Due to the sites Flood Zone 3 location special consideration needed to be paid to the drainage of the site to not increase the risk of flooding. An element of landscaping was also important to enhance the setting, whilst ensuring that a maximum number of car parking spaces could be provided.

The development of the additional car parking spaces will allow the company to lease their currently vacant office suite to tenants.

Mark Anson of LDH (La Doria Ltd) stated that "the advice and actions of Beacon Planning was vital in the granting of our planning application."

Following this Beacon Planning acted as agents to discharge the conditions on the application including the provision of a Travel Plan.

The development is now underway and has facilitated the occupation of the previously vacant suite of offices.