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Wisbech CAA contributes to HLF win!   
13 July 2016 | Posted by Sophie Hetherington

Beacon Planning are proud to announce that our Conservation Area Appraisal for Wisbech, in collaboration with Fenland District Council, has helped to secure a grant of £1.9 million from the Heritage Lottery Fund to support the Wisbech High Street Project, through the Heritage Lottery Townscape Heritage (HLTH) programme.

The HLTH programme is managed by the Heritage Lottery Fund, and supports 'schemes which help communities to improve the built historic environment of conservation areas in need of investment', as well as 'schemes that make a lasting difference for heritage, people and communities'. The Wisbech High Street Project was an excellent candidate for this support, as it was founded on the idea of regenerating built heritage in tandem with the local community.

The Wisbech High Street Project was created as a way to promote the regeneration of the commercial heart of a town once described as the "capital of the Fens", rich with Georgian architecture, which had become vulnerable through a negative trend of low investment and deterioration. This led to some properties in the town centre undergoing total collapse and saw many others deteriorate, perpetuating a cycle of neglect. The project aims to rejuvenate and enliven the town centre, restoring pride and beauty to a zone identified by Historic England as being "at risk".

The physical work of restoring the area is to be supported by an Activity Plan, designed to engage the local community with the project through competitions, training, and community archaeological digs in order to educate and enthuse the community about local heritage.