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Appeal success for Beacon for a new dwelling in the countryside in the South Cambridgeshire District   
13 July 2016 | Posted by Ella Murfet
Beacon Planning have secured full planning permission for a single dwelling just outside of Fulbourn, Cambridgeshire on appeal following refusal by the Council

Beacon Planning were approached in 2015 to handle a planning application for the erection of an agricultural workers dwelling on a site just off Babraham Road, Fulbourn. The intention of the application was to provide on-site accommodation for family members who would be taking over the running of the family farm. The site was located outside of the village framework for Fulbourn and therefore within the countryside.

Beacon Planning handled both the planning application and appeal.

South Cambridgeshire District Council refused planning permission for the proposal in November 2015 on the grounds that the proposal failed to demonstrate an essential functional need for a dwelling to serve the agricultural holding and that the development would result in the loss of openness and encroachment into the countryside.

Following this Beacon Planning produced an Appeal Statement and Statement of Common Ground to support the appeal case and represented the applicants at the hearing.

After consideration the appointed Inspector allowed the appeal. A key point was that the Inspector agreed that the lack of a five year housing land supply rendered the relevant policies in the development plan relating to the supply of housing as out of date, significantly reducing the weight attached to them.

The Inspector also shared Beacon Planning's view that the proposal would not be an isolated dwelling in the countryside and that special circumstances did not need to be demonstrated. Due to this the Inspector concluded that the proposal adhered to paragraph 55 of the NPPF and as such granted permission without an agricultural worker occupancy restriction.

The client stated that 'with the help, expertise and hard work from Beacon Planning we were guided through the planning process and able to obtain the planning permission we needed. We are absolutely delighted with the outcome'.