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Another appeal success for Beacon for a new dwelling in the countryside in the South Cambridgeshire District   
3 August 2016 | Posted by Ella Murfet
Beacon Planning have secured outline planning permission for a single dwelling in Hardwick, Cambridgeshire on appeal following refusal by the Council

Beacon Planning were approached in 2015 to handle a planning application for the erection of a single dwelling in a back land position, within the rear garden of the property in Hardwick. The majority of the site was located outside of the development framework of the village, and was therefore in the countryside. Beacon Planning managed both the planning application and appeal.

South Cambridgeshire District Council refused planning permission for the proposal in October 2015 on the grounds that the proposal would result in significant encroachment of built development in the countryside, causing adverse harm to the rural character and approach to Hardwick village. The Council was also concerned that they would find it difficult to resist similar development along the same road.

Following this Beacon Planning produced an Appeal Statement to support the appeal case.

After consideration the appointed Inspector allowed the appeal. A key point was that the Inspector agreed that the character of the area was domestic in nature, and that the dwelling would not be prominent or readily visible from the street or any public vantage points. The Inspector therefore concluded that these points reduced any harm arising on character.

The Inspector also noted in their decision that as the Council cannot demonstrate a 5 year housing land supply the policy restricting residential development in the countryside are out-of- date. The Inspector also agreed that the dwelling would not be in an isolated location, with a number of services and facilities nearby.

The client commented: "Dealing with Beacon Planning has always been a pleasure, given how professional and communicative they have been.

Their understanding of what was needed, how to word the plans and how to present them to others was essential and so we were very pleased to have worked with them. The result was excellent and so we would like to thank Beacon Planning. The fact is that they achieved something that we weren't ever expecting."