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Local authority give planning application for kennel redevelopment the paw print of approval!   
31 October 2016 | Posted by Ella Murfet
Beacon Planning secures planning permission for the conversion of kennels to four apartments in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

Beacon Planning were approached to advise on the potential for residential development within their existing site. We advised that their best chance was to seek permission for the conversion of the former kennel building.

An integral part of the application submission was to demonstrate that the buildings were no longer suitable for the kennel use, as well as other uses that St Edmundsbury Borough Council considered acceptable. This included justification that alternative employment and tourist accommodation were not suitable in that location. Beacon demonstrated that the area would unlikely be a popular location for holiday lets and any employment uses would affect the amenity of nearby residents as well as being undesirable to commercial investors. We also enlisted the advice of a commercial agent to provide further evidence that residential use was the most appropriate option for the site.

Extensive discussions were had with the Council on the merits of the scheme. The Council resolved to grant delegated planning permission although they considered that the proposal did not neatly comply with their adopted policy. The Council did however agree that the scheme demonstrated sustainable development, in line with the National Planning Policy Framework.