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Permission secured for a new oak framed annex/garage in curtilage of listed building in South Cambridgeshire   
12 December 2016 | Posted by Charmain Hawkins

Beacon have assisted the securing of planning permission for an oak framed annex/garage out building after the initial application stalled and was heading for refusal. The applicant was delighted that Beacon were able to negotiate a permission for the building.

Planning permission has been obtained for a replacement out building range in the curtilage of a listed building following the loss of the former structures by fire. Whilst in the past permission had been obtained for an annex a new amended scheme, submitted in July 2015, had stalled with the Local Planning Authority and was heading for refusal. The owners asked Beacon to assist and an acceptable scheme was negotiated. The new timber framed building will serve as an annex and garage and echo the buildings which once stood here. The applicant was delighted that permission had been secured.