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New Future for the Cambridge Union Society   
12 December 2016 | Posted by Jon Burgess
Plans for enhancing the Cambridge Union Society and a new building for Trinity College have been unanimously approved by Cambridge City Council after 2 years work by Beacon.

The Cambridge Union Society, one of only a pair of purpose-built debating society buildings in the world and designed by the major Victorian architect Alfred Waterhouse is to be enhanced and upgraded to meet C21 century needs following approval of plans by Cambridge City Council.

Beacon have worked for the last two years with BB&C Architects and an expert project team to refine the proposals which will see the failing 1930s facade to Round Church Street replaced with one far closer to Waterhouse's original, internal remodelling and reinstatement of features lost in a bombing raid of the 1940s.

This work forms part of scheme which will see the demolition of poor quality 1930s extensions and the remains of a Victorian terrace to provide a new building with ground floor restaurant for Trinity College and so enable the works to the Union Society which has suffered from a lack of investment on repairs for many years.

Beacon have advised on the detailed works to the Grade II Listed Buildings, the design of the new building and helped justify the works which involved a complex balance of planning issues and heritage benefits.