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Beacon has selected Jimmy's as the recipient of our annual Christmas donation.   
20 December 2016

In recent years, Beacon has made donations to charity in lieu of purchasing and sending Christmas cards. In addition to being environmentally friendly, this choice has given us the opportunity to identify and support charities close to our team's heart. This year, our team cast a unanimous vote to send our charity card fund to Jimmy's Cambridge.

Jimmy's opened as a night shelter serving the homeless of Cambridge in 1995, and works with around 300 individuals annually. The services provided include emergency accommodation, specialist support in a range of areas, and activities varying from basic life skills to creative workshops. The shelter also accommodates dogs, so that visitors are not separated from their canine companions.

The charity aims to assist homeless individuals with resettlement, regardless of their background. Jimmy's is partnered with move-on houses, including a facility for alcohol-dependent individuals, to ensure that visitors receive long-term support. This is achieved by equipping them with the skills and assistance needed to break the cycle of homelessness.

Our team has recognised the essential services that Jimmy's provides, free of charge to users, and are proud to support their work.

For more information on Jimmy's, please visit their website:

Charities we have supported previously include:

  • The East Anglian Air Ambulance
  • West Anglia Crossroads for Carers
  • VIVA drama group