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Permission secured for historic building in Brent Pelham   
9 May 2017 | Posted by Charmain Hawkins
Beacon Planning Ltd have assisted Ian Abrams Architects in securing permission for alterations and extensions to a listed barn complex abutting a former listed farmhouse.

The heritage appraisal of the building and supporting heritage statement submitted with the applications assisted in securing permission for the works following concerns being raised at pre-application stage. Planning Permission and Listed Building Consent have been secured by Ian Abrams Architects for a former farmstead complex in Brent Pelham, with the help of Beacon Planning Ltd. The permission enables the barn complex to be fully converted to residential use in association with the former farm house. The proposals also include for a new garden room replacing a flat roofed addition and a single storey rear extension replacing a glasshouse. A detailed analysis of the building complex prepared by Beacon Planning within the Heritage Statement was instrumental in securing the permissions. The heritage benefits resulting from the proposals were demonstrated to have outweighed any harm and thus East Herts Council were supportive of the proposals.