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Change of use of a dwelling to office use within the Green Belt.   
12 May 2017 | Posted by Ella Murfet
Planning permission enables the expansion of a global technology company in Cambridgeshire in Green Belt.

Beacon Planning were approached by Zettlex to provide planning consultancy services. Zettlex are a global technology company producing sensors, with their headquarters based in Cambridgeshire. Due to demand the company were looking to expand but required additional premises to do so. Zettlex wanted to stay local and therefore the required office accommodation needed to be in Cambridgeshire. A potential site was selected in Foxton.

Early liaison was carried out with South Cambridgeshire District Council and pre-application advice was received indicating that the Council would likely be supportive of the change of use of the existing residential property to office use.

As part of the case made in the planning application Beacon set out the sustainability benefits of the location for commuting employees, in addition to the economic benefits of the proposal. The development will ensure that a successful business will retain its headquarters within the Cambridge area, continuing to contribute to the city’s research and development offering whilst allowing the business to expand and prosper.

The site is also located in the Green Belt where development is severely constrained. Beacon successfully made the case that the re-use of existing buildings is acceptable in such locations.

Beacon’s case was accepted by the Council, and they subsequently resolved to grant delegated planning permission.

Mark Howard, General Manager of Zettlex UK Ltd. stated that "Beacon provided Zettlex with professional expertise and advice on complex issues in which they are clearly experienced."