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Further awards for Cowan Court   
22 May 2017 | Posted by Sophie Hetherington
Cowan Court, a new quad providing accommodation at Churchill College, has received further accolades.

In addition to being named as one of the UK’s five best new buildings of 2016 by The Guardian and The Observer, Cowan Court has won The RIBA East Award 2017, and was praised as the “Best New Building Over £2m” in the CFCI awards 2016.

The building provides 68 rooms of student accommodation to Churchill College, and is the first new court on the site since the College was founded in the 1960s. The architecture takes its cues from the brutalism throughout the College, but is updated for the C21 by the use of untreated reclaimed oak cladding, echoing but nor mirroring the board-marked concrete that characterises the College.

Cowan Court is very efficient, using solar electricity and water heating, rainwater collection, triple glazing and high-quality insulation, as well as passive ventilation to reduce the impact of the building.

The site sits within the West Cambridge Conservation Area, and is in close proximity to the original Grade II Listed College Buildings. Beacon Planning were appointed to provide planning and heritage input through the design, planning and construction phases of the project.