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Ground-breaking renewable energy scheme at St Ives Park & Ride surpasses another hurdle!   
21 July 2017 | Posted by Ella Murfet
Image courtesy of Bouygues Energies and Services
Beacon Planning have secured planning permission for the erection of a mini smart energy grid at St Ives Park & Ride.

The client, Cambridgeshire County Council, in association with Bouygues Energies and Services, appointed Beacon Planning to manage the preparation and submission of the planning application.

The innovative design of the proposal is relatively new to the UK, with the installation of solar PV mounted onto canopies above car parking. This is a pioneering and efficient method of utilising space for energy generation. It also provides the added benefit of shading cars and shelter from the elements.

Whilst both local and national planning policy is generally supportive of renewable energy measures the application needed to tackle issues including impact on ecology and residential amenity through glint and glare. During the course of the application Beacon Planning have worked closely with the project team to overcome these matters and provide a successful outcome.

The energy generated on site will be used to power the Park & Ride site itself including new electric vehicle charging points, lighting and CCTV. Energy will also be sold onto a local company to generate revenue for Cambridgeshire County Council.

For further information please follow this link to the official press release