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New dwelling secured on appeal despite countryside location and heritage constraints   
24 September 2017 | Posted by Ella Murfet
Appeal success in Uttlesford District. Beacon Planning has secured outline planning permission for a single dwelling just outside of Debden, Essex.

Beacon Planning were approached in 2016 to manage a planning application for the erection of a single dwelling just outside of Debden, Essex, on Thaxted Road. The site was outside of the development framework and therefore within the countryside. Beacon Planning handled the preparation of both the planning application and the appeal.

Uttlesford District Council refused planning permission for the proposal in December 2016 on the grounds that the development would harm the character and appearance of the area, and would cause a significant harm to the setting of nearby grade II listed buildings.

Beacon Planning subsequently produced an Appeal Statement to support the applicants case. The statement was a collaborative effort between both the planning and heritage teams.

After consideration, the appointed Inspector allowed the appeal. A key factor in the Inspector’s decision was that during the course of the appeal determination, Uttlesford District revealed that they could not demonstrate a 5 year supply of housing land. Given this, the Inspector afforded significant positive weight to the addition of a dwelling.

The Inspector also shared Beacon Planning’s view that the development would result in limited harm to the significance of the nearby heritage assets, and that this was outweighed by the positive benefits of the scheme.