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100 house scheme on allocated employment site in Dereham   
10 October 2017 | Posted by Jenny Page
Beacon succeeded in overturning a longstanding employment allocation to enable the site to be used for residential development.

After a long planning process involving two applications and appeal Beacon have secured outline permission for a 100 house scheme at Dereham in Broadland district. This is a sustainable site in the development framework and ideal for residential use. However the site was designated as a longstanding employment allocation which the Council sought to protect. Beacon put forward a strong case for residential uses which outweighed the allocation and was accepted by the appeal inspector. A key point here was that where a marketing exercise is usually required to justify loss of an employment allocation. Beacon took a different approach and sought to demonstrate that the site was no longer viable and therefore marketing was not worthwhile. The appeal inspector agreed this was a reasonable justification and the employment allocation was no longer appropriate for the site.

In parallel to improve the likelihood of success of the housing scheme, Beacon made representations to the Local Plan.

Beacon handled the project for both applications and appeal.