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Underneath Cambridge!   
10 November 2017 | Posted by Emma Sharp
We took a look what is under the ground in Cambridge for a change!

Members of the heritage and planning teams attended the Archaeology in Cambridge lecture organised by the Cambridge forum for the Construction Industry.

As heritage and planning specialists we don’t tend to get too involved with what lies beneath the ground, however it is something that will occasionally crop up during the course of applications.

Quinton Carroll from the Historic Environment Record took us through how best to engage with the County Archaeologists in prior to applications being submitted and then what happens after. It was interesting to note that only approximately 5% of applications will be affected by archaeology and the different methods they use in identifying it.

The next part of the talk was from Chris Evans from the Cambridge Archaeology Unit and the work they’ve undertaken in Cambridge since 1990. It turns out rather a lot! A fascinating insight was how the recent large scale development such as Northwest Cambridge, Trumpington Meadows and Orchard Park has led to the discovery of a string of late Iron Age and Roman settlements across the city. Indeed the excavations have created such a large dataset Cambridgeshire is now at the forefront of Roman archaeology world wide.

An enjoyable event all round and a big thank you to the CFCI for organising.