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Reserved matters success for residential scheme in East Cambridgeshire.   
9 January 2018 | Posted by Ella Murfet
Beacon Planning has secured reserved matters planning permission for 8 dwellings within Cheveley.

The site gained outline planning permission in 2016. Beacon Planning were subsequently approached to advise on the design of the development and manage the project going forward.

Extensive pre-application discussions were carried out with the Council, to negotiate the design of the proposed dwellings on this edge of village site. Whilst the plot was well screened from public viewpoints by tree planting, the Council were keen to keep the units as low-lying as possible in order to minimise visual impact. Beacon Planning assisted in the design of a scheme that provided large 2-storey detached units, as per the client’s brief, whilst ensuring that visual impact would be minimal.

A planning application was subsequently submitted, with supporting text provided by Beacon Planning, in addition to a brief visual assessment which set out how limited the visibility of the site would be.

Beacon Planning liaised closely with the Council during the life of the application, ensuring that any issues were dealt with promptly, and to the satisfaction of both the client and the Council. Planning permission was subsequently granted in December 2017.