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Improved facilities at St John’s Innovation Park get the go ahead!   
29 January 2018 | Posted by Ella Murfet
Beacon Planning secures cross-boundary consent for a restaurant extension at St John’s Innovation Centre.

Beacon Planning were appointed to assist St John’s College, Cambridge with a proposal to extend their existing restaurant at St John’s Innovation Centre.

The Centre was opened in 1987 and contains 88 tenants who are knowledge based companies and professional service firms. A supportive environment is provided to tenants, with access to shared facilities and services that they could not afford individually, enabling them to concentrate on business development.

The existing restaurant is one of these facilities and it is so popular with tenants that both internal and external extensions to the seating areas were deemed necessary to meet the demand. The development will increase internal seating from 80 to 120 and external seating from 24 to 60.

Beacon Planning prepared a case to support the proposed development, setting out the demand for the extension of the restaurant and how this met local and national policy in relation to economic development and supporting local businesses.

The application was unusual in that the site crossed both the South Cambridgeshire District Council and Cambridge City Council boundaries. As such applications to both authorities were required.

Beacon Planning liaised closely with South Cambridgeshire District Council, the lead authrority, to swiftly address any queries that arose. The applications were subsequently approved by both authorities.