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Beacon have successfully assisted in rebutting proposals to list dwelling in the Borough of Greenwich.   
22 March 2018 | Posted by Charmain Hawkins
Beacon Planning Ltd acting on behalf of the owners of a dwelling in South East London have helped rebut proposals to list the property. DCMS have confirmed the building does not meet the listing criteria.

Beacon Planning Ltd have successfully assisted owners of a dwelling in South East London in making a case against their property being listed.

The house is attributed to Sir Reginald Blomfield but it was accepted by DCMS that it was a late example of the architectural style and the building and its plan form had been extensively modified since originally built. It was accepted that earlier and less altered houses by this architect had been listed elsewhere. The building was therefore held by Historic England not to meet the listing criteria and this was accepted by the Secretary of State DCMS.

The owners are delighted as the issue of listing was potentially delaying implementation of a valid planning consent to extend the house.