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New technology centre for international company.   
16 April 2018 | Posted by Ella Murfet
Image courtesy of Infinity Architects

Beacon Planning have obtained approval on behalf of Zettlex Holdings Ltd for the construction of a technology centre in Foxton, Cambridgeshire which will allow their business to expand.

Zettlex is a high-tech sensors business, and is recognised as the world’s leading authority in electromagnetic position sensing. The electronic sensors that Zettlex produce measure position or speed in harsh environments and are used in many sectors including medical, aerospace, defence, industrial, petrochemical and motorsports.

The site is located in the Green Belt and therefore a ‘very special circumstances’ argument was developed by the planning team. This stressed the importance of the business to Cambridgeshire, and the UK as a whole, in research and economic terms. Officers accepted the justification and the application was taken to Planning Committee where is was resolved to grant consent subject to the necessary referral to the Secretary of State. A final decision is awaited.