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Birthday celebration in Amsterdam.   
17 April 2018 | Posted by Jan Wheeler
Beacon really pushed the boat out to celebrate our 10th anniversary.

Cruising along the canals we learnt why so many of the old houses are leaning at what appear to be precarious angles. Fortunately, it is not a result of some enthusiastic beer tasting by the team, there are very practical reasons; as merchants flourished, they started to stock their goods into the attic and this protruding style of construction allowed to hoist their wares up and down without the risk of collision with windows and walls. Most old houses in the centre of Amsterdam centre have a hook attached to the gable. They have been used for centuries and Dutch people still use this method today to move in and out furniture. The houses also encountered far less strain from the wind and rain than would a building with vertical walls.

We took an Architectural Walking Tour embracing both traditional and modern architecture finishing in the stunning Eye Institute. Opened in 2012 and designed by Delugan Meissl Associated Architects in is indeed a spectacular and striking building. A truly modern museum and archive in the new Amsterdam district of Overhoeks it is dedicated to preserving and presenting Dutch and foreign films screened in the Netherlands.

With plenty of time to sample amazing hostelries, cafes (not coffee houses, there is a difference!), shopping and culture we returned invigorated and refreshed although the office was very quiet on Monday morning. The icing on our birthday cake was a stunning seven course meal in a beautiful French restaurant. We toasted ten years of growth and success – here’s to the next ten years!