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Replacement dwellings permitted within the Hertfordshire Green Belt.   
23 May 2018 | Posted by Sophie Pain
Image courtesy of Robert Lombardelli Partnership
Planning permission allows stalled residential site in the Green Belt to start construction.
Beacon Planning have secured permission for two dwellings in the Green Belt in Hertfordshire.

The site, within a former walled orchard, already had a partially constructed dwelling on the site. Due to its unconventional design there was limited uptake by purchasers. Beacon Planning assisted the landowner, together with Robert Lombardelli Partnership, to create a scheme which used the footprint and volume of the existing building but split over two new dwellings.

In addition to this, the works restored part of the former wall surrounding the orchard and put a Grade II listed glass peach house into the stewardship of one house, thereby securing its future protection.

On-going engagement with the Planning Officers at North Herts District Council enabled the scheme to be supported by both officers and Committee.

We look forward to seeing the buildings when they are complete.