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Beacon Planning Ltd is top of the class in May!   
25 May 2018 | Posted by Charmain Hawkins
Beacon Planning Ltd have been helping local college students learn more about the heritage significance of buildings they are studying to explain why they are important.

This month Charmain Hawkins, Associate with Beacon Planning Ltd has assisted with lessons at two colleges – firstly with Year 2 pupils at Stoke College near Clare to help them learn about a Grade II* listed dovecote within the grounds of their school.

She has also assisted with Bottisham Village College Year 8 students who are participating in an architectural project in association with Shape Cambridge looking at Cambridgeshire Village Colleges. Charmain helped produce a Heritage Appraisal for Impington Village College in 2008 and she talked to students at a visit to Impington Village College about the work of Walter Gropius and why the building complex was listed Grade I reflecting its national importance