New homes and jobs: planning advice, application and appeal success.


In a project seen through from land promotion to outline consent an outline consent for up to 175 dwellings and 4000sqm of employment use on edge of village won on appeal.

Although the site had been identified by the council for development, it had delayed their Local Development Framework programme. Beacon advised the client to submit an outline application and put together the consultant team and managed public consultations.

Although all relevant planning issues were resolved the council refused the application, principally on grounds of prematurity, which led to an appeal being lodged and a public inquiry held in December 2012.

The Planning Inspector agreed with Beacon's view that the Council had a serious housing land shortfall and its policies could not be considered up-to-date and the presumption in favour of sustainable development - a cornerstone of the NPPF - held sway.He also concluded that the character and the scale of the mixed use residential and commercial elements were not inappropriate and were sustainable.


Outline consent was granted in March 2013. Beacon have since successfully extended the consent through the granting of a new permission in early 2017.

ClientAGH Smith, JE Smith, RG Smith & SLA Property Company Ltd
Services providedAdvice   Appeal   Application  
BP teamJenny Page   Andy Thompson  
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